the Marathon Wave Brush!

Marathon Wave X-Lusive Brush

Make The Waves Of The Day

Give the gift of waves throughout your day, making your day much better with just one brush with the marathon wave brush.
With a few selection to choose from I have 5 different 360 wave brush that will fit your perfect waves needs at any moment of the day.
Each and every brush has its own unique purpose and benefit to each wave with Soft, medium and hard levels of bristles. These bristles can range from extra soft to extra hard giving you the best option and a few colors to choose from.

Deluxe Brush Quality

Why Buy Your Wave Brushes from Marathon barber Studio?

As the owner of Marathon Barber, I am truly focused on your waves’ needs our products are packaged with care and compassion for the best waves of your days. I assure you that with each brush you will be handed with my personal dedication to make the best waves. Most companies just see it as an opportunity to sell I see it as an opportunity to grow friendships of the future of the wave.

Give your King The Gift of Gifts

Put Your Man On